Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

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Giving Thanks in Adversity

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest sports legend of all time, but his early career was full of adversity. Eventually, talent and willpower won out. But some adversity can’t be overcome by willpower or talent. Some adversity simply plants itself in our lives and stays there. What do we do then?

The Bible has the answer for us, and it’s an appropriate one for the holiday we will celebrate this week. The Pilgrims faced great adversity upon their arrival in the new world, yet they did not forget to give thanks. As counterintuitive as it seems, we also are to be thankful, even as we face the harshest of tribulations.

Dr. D. James Kennedy explains in his message: “Giving Thanks in Adversity.”

God's Promise to the American Patriot
This helpful book is full of quotes and information you won’t find in today’s American history textbooks. The historical notes provided will remind you of the many reasons we have to be thankful for our country. The accompanying Bible verses will encourage you in your resolve to pray for America.


The infamous SPLC has recklessly classified disciples of the Gospel as purveyors of hate. They denounce pro-family groups that stand for traditional marriage—God’s rules for marriage—as “haters.” Join D. James Kennedy Ministries as we fight for religious freedom, stamp out discrimination against Christians and conservatives, and continue our bold defense of the Truth!

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