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Scripture: 1 Peter 1:18-25

How do we know anything is true? In the end, there are only two ways to know anything at all – rationalism and revelation. Simply put, you can reason it out for yourself, or it can be revealed to you by another.

Christianity is a revealed religion. We know truth because He who is Truth has been pleased to reveal it to us. This revelation comes to us principally through his word. And since the witness of Christianity before a watching and listening world rests upon the word of God – the Bible has been the subject of unrelenting attacks down through the centuries.

But as Dr. Kennedy shows us today “The word of our Lord endureth forever”  

Profit$ of Hate
We reveal the true motives of the liberal-progressive SPLC. Their deceptive “hate map” attempts to demonize and silence Christiansand makes huge profits for them in the process. As the DVD shows, when disagreement with radical liberalism is labelled “hate,” the consequences can be dire and even tragic.
by D. James Kennedy

Foundations for Your Faith

Foundations for Your Faith is Dr. D. James Kennedy’s most extensive theological exposition of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. In 462 pages, Dr. Kennedy lays out the purpose for man’s existence (Part 1: Created for Glory), God’s plan for our salvation (Part 2: Saved by Grace), and how the redeemed Christian should live (Part 3: Purposed for Good Works).
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Jul 22

Profits of Hate: The Southern Poverty Law Center Special

This hard-hitting documentary sheds light on an organization that was started to do good but has taken a turn in recent decades to profit from its Hate Map.
Jul 29

Life Worth Living

“What is your philosophy of life?” asks Dr. Kennedy. He points to one succinct verse that captures the divine philosophy of life given to us by the Maker.
Aug 5

The Chief End of Man

In a world befogged by unbelief, millions are confused about the end of life. Tragically, worldly wisdom cannot help anyone find the eternal answer.
Aug 12

The Glorious Creation

Where can we find the beginning of all things? Dr. Kennedy takes a novel look at the book of Genesis and the need for a firm stand on what is Truth.
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The Bible & the Presidents

Included in this collection of four full-length messages are some of Dr. Kennedy's most significant sermons. Each one powerfully refutes revisionist historians who portray America as a secular nation and America's founders as men who either rejected God or had no faith in Him.