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The Christian World and Life View

Scripture: Romans 11:33-36

Have you ever noticed how different things look when you put on a pair of glasses? If you need them for vision correction, what was out of focus becomes sharp and clear. Well, the same is true with the way we think about the world around us. The rational lenses through which we view the world shape our thinking about it, determining what we call our world and life view—or more simply our worldview.

It is that worldview that shapes our understanding of everything we see in our earthly existence. For example, when you look at the world around you what do you see?  Do you see order or chaos? Do you see mankind as being inherently good or corrupted by evil? Do you see the source of human knowledge as being natural or supernatural? When you look at our sin-sick world do you see despair or do you see hope?

The answers to all these questions come from your worldview.  Dr. Kennedy speaks about the necessity of having a worldview grounded in truth in his message: “The Christian World and Life View.”

The End Times

This set, entitled The End Times: A Historical Perspective, includes the book and 6-CD set of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s six messages about the end times, and a useful 9 x 27 inch accordion-fold Christian History Timelines chart.
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Mar 4

The Bankruptcy of Socialism

Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. Should we continue to try it in America? “No more,” says Dr. Kennedy, “We want true religious liberty and true financial liberty.”
Mar 11

Who, Really, Was St. Patrick?

If Patrick was not Irish and he wasn’t even a Catholic, who was he? Dr. Kennedy dispels the myths and tells the far more wonderful story of a man that God used to transform Ireland.
Mar 18

The Trinity All Around You

Dr. Kennedy answers the question, “what is God like?” by looking to the evidence for the Triune God in both scripture and nature. God reveals Himself in His word and in His creation.
Mar 25

Christ and Christ Alone

There is something that sets Christianity apart from every other religion. Dr. Kennedy observes, “all other religions have nothing really to offer except teachings. Christ offers Himself.”
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The Bible & the Presidents

Included in this collection of four full-length messages are some of Dr. Kennedy's most significant sermons. Each one powerfully refutes revisionist historians who portray America as a secular nation and America's founders as men who either rejected God or had no faith in Him.