Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

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Thou Shalt Do No Murder

January 17, 2021

What is so hard to understand about God's commandment, Thou Shalt Do No Murder?
These simple words are often complicated by competing ideas about capital punishment, abortion, and animal slaughter. Dr. Kennedy explores what God’s word has to say about matters of life and death. Then we meet a young women who miraculously survived a late-term saline abortion and is now a powerful advocate for the pro-life cause.

Celebrating Life
To speak truth on the issue and inspire you to keep fighting to defend preborn children, we are offering some very special pro-life focused resources.


The infamous SPLC has recklessly classified disciples of the Gospel as purveyors of hate. They denounce pro-family groups that stand for traditional marriage—God’s rules for marriage—as “haters.” Join D. James Kennedy Ministries as we fight for religious freedom, stamp out discrimination against Christians and conservatives, and continue our bold defense of the Truth!

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Jan 24

Lies and More Lies

“The most common question asked by young women,” says Dr. Kennedy, “when they come into abortion clinics is this, ‘is it a baby?’ and what they were told millions of times? ‘No, it is not.’”
Jan 31

To Tell the Truth

“Today the modernists, philosophers, the academics say there is no truth,” observes Dr. Kennedy, “ because they don’t know the living Truth, Jesus Christ.” As Christians, it is love that compels us...
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