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SPECIAL: 3 Big Lies of Socialism

This program is a special presentation of D. James Kennedy Ministries.

In this election year, we have seen one of the major party presidential candidates running as an avowed socialist, with polls showing a significant number of young people seemingly embracing his socialistic rhetoric and ideology.

Declared all but dead just a few decades ago, socialism is gaining ground in America. But it’s premised upon lies. What are some of the biggest? This special presentation of D. James Kennedy Ministries debunks three of socialism's central lies:

That there is no God, that we can get something for nothing, and that socialism works.

3 Big Lies of Socialism

This powerful DVD shows the ruin that socialism has caused in economies throughout history, the devastation it has created in societies, and why it poses an alarming threat to America today.
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SPECIAL: 3 Big Lies of Socialism

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