Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

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Christmas Without Christ

December 16, 2018

During Christmas, it can be easy to become so caught up in the trappings of the season that we lose track of what—or who—it’s really all about. And in an increasingly secular culture, there are many who’ve never known to begin with.

This week on Truths That Transform , we consider the danger of celebrating Christmas without Christ. And you’ll see how the best of our world today is a gift from Jesus Christ.

Gospel Planisphere
Based on Dr. Kennedy’s Biblical research and knowledge, it shows how, contrary to pagan astrology, God placed the Zodiac in the heavens to proclaim the story of redemption. You will be amazed and astounded as you look at the 12 major constellations, along with a summary of the Gospel meaning of each, and a related Scripture reference.


The infamous SPLC has recklessly classified disciples of the Gospel as purveyors of hate. They denounce pro-family groups that stand for traditional marriage—God’s rules for marriage—as “haters.” Join D. James Kennedy Ministries as we fight for religious freedom, stamp out discrimination against Christians and conservatives, and continue our bold defense of the Truth!

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