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The Bible and the Constitution

[This is a re-airing of last week's program because of delays caused by the hurricane.]

Those who first settled in America came here seeking religious freedom. And our founders composed our governing document—the Constitution—with the idea that religious liberty was at the core of a free nation. But the First Amendment is under attack, by judges, local governments, and the Obama Administration.

On thiss program, we’ll take you to California to meet a child who got a visit from the local sheriff on his front doorstep telling him to stop sharing Bible verses at school. And we’ll tell you how you can enlist in the battle to defend our liberty. And as we begin, Jay Sekulow, we have a conversation with chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.

Freedom in the Crosshairs

This outstanding DVD reveals the truth about efforts to suppress religious freedom in America. Freedom in the Crosshairs provides you with the information you need to be able to push back against the increasing attempts to silence Christians.
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