Free Speech vs. "Hate Speech"

Karen VanTil Gushta Ph.D.
Some are saying that so-called hate speech should be silenced and does not deserve First Amendment protection. America has a long-standing tradition of observing freedom of speech. Is that about to change?

Hollywood Should Stop Ignoring the Family and Faith Audience

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
A new plan by Sony, which we welcome, could provide movies with objectionable language and other elements removed, But some of the Hollywood producers, directors, writers, and actors are objecting. Here is a discussion about the controversy, including the opinions of Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher of Movieguide.

The Odds of Evolution Are Zero

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
What are the odds that life could have just arisen by chance? They are basically impossible. Probability science for all practical purposes destroys the theory of evolution. What are the chances of a monkey typing simply a 9-letter word, "evolution"?

Political Correctness Handcuffs Us in the War Against Islamic Jihad

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
The body count for Ramadan 2017 continues to climb. Tragically, too many in the West today deliberately try to claim there's no connection between Islam and the ongoing killings in the name of radical Islam. Political correctness keeps us from dealing with this problem as it is.

Is Heaven Really For Real?

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
The recent passing away of Anne Kennedy, Dr. Kennedy's widow, reminds us of what a gift we have in the assurance of our salvation. But there are skeptics who don't believe heaven is necessarily real. Because Jesus conquered the grave, we know heaven is for real.

The War Against the Christian Family

Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.
D. James Kennedy Ministries believes that parental authority was delegated by God Himself, with the family being the only institution able to best attain the welfare of children. This principle, once commonly accepted in our society, is now under vigorous attack.