Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Daily Devotional

February 24 Then Joshua said, "Why have you brought trouble on us? The LORD will trouble you today." — Joshua 7:25

Your Sins Will Find You Out

The Bible reminds us: Be sure your sins will find you out. Yet how often we seem quite sure that they won't. I am sure Achan must have felt that in the midst of three million people God would never notice what he was doing. Yet, God ordered that the tribes be brought one by one, and it fell on Judah, and then the lot fell upon his great grandfather and then his grandfather and finally upon him. And so, as described in Joshua 7, Achan not only... More

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The Importance of Personal Spiritual Development

Growth is a sign of health and vitality in any living thing. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ begins with salvation and grows through a lifelong spiritual journey consisting of a persistent pursuit of godliness and Biblical truth. Spiritual development is not only important in our Christian walk, it is absolutely essential if we want to become more like our Savior. As you actively strive to grow in your relationship with Christ, helpful Biblical resources become important in order to gain an in-depth understanding of Biblical truth and engage the world around you. We hope you find our many valuable resources useful on your personal spiritual journey. May they help equip and encourage you to boldly live out your faith and make a difference in the world around you. 
Why the President and the Media Ignore the Truth About Our Radical Enemy

None Dare Call It Islam

This book documents the lengthy contortions the media and the Obama administration go to in their efforts to separate terrorists from “true Islam” and examines some of the possible reasons behind this twisted effort.