Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

What About These Other Gods?

The two great questions that all religions ask are, "Who is God?" and "How can I be with him forever?" Modern people tend to believe that religions all essentially offer the same answer, and that all  paths lead to heaven. But do they? “All pagan religions,” explains Dr. Kennedy, “…boil down to man’s efforts to save himself … as opposed to Christ, who is the living God, who has proved such by His resurrection from the dead, and who freely gives eternal life.” Discover the utter uniqueness of Christianity--and why Jesus is the only way to God and heaven.
Trojan Horses
Discover how liberals tout socialism, open borders, abortion, and gender issues as good and right in America. Go inside the “belly of the beasts” as we expose every stealthily clad deception.