Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

When Called Before the Judge

Scripture: 1 John 2:1-4

Many of us have a fascination with the justice system. And since humans are in a fallen state and sinful, sometimes we see justice carried out, and other times we see justice subverted. The interesting thing is, when we see justice subverted, we become filled with anger. That is because we have a law written on our hearts that tells us what is right and wrong.

But did you know that you too will go on trial one day? That trial will be before the only bar of justice where the law is perfectly applied and absolutely just judgments are always handed down.

Are you ready for that day? Dr. D. James Kennedy prepares you in his message: “When Called Before the Judge.” 

Confirm Federal Judges
There are currently nearly 140 vacancies in the federal judiciary. Even now, there are 60 judges waiting confirmation in the Senate—being unjustly stalled by liberal Democrats. The stalling must stop!