Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Scholars Speak Out Against Obergefell

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
The edict of the Supreme Court of the United States in Obergefell v. Hodges is creating more and more concerns among the people. Constitutional Scholars have been reviewing the Supreme Courts decision and this is what they found.

Three Things to Know About the Supreme Court

by John Rabe
There are three common misconceptions about the Supreme Court that are essential for every American to know.

The Blood of 57 Million Babies on Their Hands

by Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.
The trend of judicial overreach as demonstrated by the Supreme Court in the Obergfell vs Hodges ruling isn’t anything new and is only one example in its pattern of judicial activism.

So Much for the Constitution

by Jerry Newcombe, D. Min.
The Obergfell vs. Hodges decision is a culmination of one of the most glaring examples of judicial activism—a practice that will prove harmful to our nation if continued.

Geography & Constitutional Mayhem

by Frank Wright, Ph.D.
The geographic center of our nation’s capital was chosen for a purpose and is a symbol for the role of law in our government today.

Common Core: Not About "Better Education"

by Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.
The governmental deliberation behind the Common Core Standards is more dubious than you might think.

Why Johnny Can't Think

by Frank Wright, PH.D.
“Ideas have consequences,” the results of which are evident today and directly affect the mental capacity of our children.

(IL)Liberal Education

by John Rabe
The secularization of our educational system has created a new standard that encourages immorality and suppresses Christianity in America’s schools.

Our "Brave" New Schools

by Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.
Society’s trend of tolerance has forced Christianity out of schools and made secular ideas the norm.

Do Our Schools Have a Prayer?

by Jerry Newcombe, D. Min.
Why has the government interpreted expressions of faith within public places as equivalent to establishing religion and does this align with the intentions of our nation’s Founders?