Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

A Solution to the Crime Problem

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
When Jesus transforms the human heart, He can help prevent crime. This is very helpful for society.

Abortion and the Sexual Revolution

by Dr. D. James Kennedy
The legalization and widespread acceptance of abortion has bred generations crippled by immorality.

Four Myths about Church to Avoid, Lest They Become Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
At the outset of a new year, what is the state of American Christianity? There are a few myths floating out there, sometimes perpetuated by Christians themselves, that make some feel that the church is a dying institution.

January Impact 2016

by Dr. Frank Wright, Ph.D.
Find out about the outstanding initiative we are launching in the new year.

Lies and More Lies

by Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.
From the beginning the case for legalizing abortion was a fabrication of lies. Today the lies continue, as the link between abortion and breast cancer is denied by those with vested interests in the abortion industry.

Prescription for a Truly Happy New Year

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
Will this next year be happier for you than the previous one? Paul gave some advice to the Philippian Christians on joyful living that, interestingly, has been confirmed by a major study released in 2015 by the Mayo Clinic.

Celebrating the Birth of the Messiah

by Karen Gushta, Ph.D.
The best gift that we can share with someone during this wonderful Christmas season is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Epistemological Question

by Frank Wright, Ph.D.
The great question of whether or not we know anything to really be true has a definitive answer in Jesus Christ alone.

Disputing the Alleged Pagan Origins of Christmas

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
Some Christians eschew Christmas because it allegedly has pagan origins. I disagree, and here's why.

The Christmas Hope

by John Rabe
The greatest Christmas miracle is a reminder that our time here on this earth is never wasted when we are in Christ.