Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Noble Origin and Destiny

Our cultural confusion seems to grow deeper every day. Millions defend their supposed right to kill babies in the womb. Transgender activists infiltrate our schools, teaching children that there's no connection between biology and gender identity. Where did this all come from?

When you teach generations of children that God doesn't matter and that life is a cosmic accident, it has an effect—and we see those effects unfolding all round us.

On today's program, discover how moral anarchy is bringing despair to our children in the guise of freedom—and the truth that cures it.


Creation Evolution

Despite its widespread acceptance, the evidence does not bear out Darwin’s theory of evolution. The fact is, evolution is a dangerous religion masquerading as science, and it’s splitting society apart. That’s why we want to arm you with the facts with our concise, easy-to-read Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Is Evolution True?