Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Sanctity of Life

In 1973, the Supreme Court manufactured a so-called right to abortion that nobody had seen in the Constitution for its first 180-plus years. That decision opened the door to 63 million deaths of human babies at the hands of abortionists. But after decades of legal battles, the Supreme Court has finally overruled Roe and its related decisions.

But the gnashing of teeth we saw from protesters shows how deeply the culture of death has embedded itself. What happens now in a post-Roe world? We'll take a deeper look. And we'll also feature a conversation with one of America's leading Christian voices, Dr. Albert Mohler.


Thinking Clearly After Roe

The battle for life is far from over.

In fact, the battle for life is just beginning! To help you strategize for what is ahead, we want to put a brand-new resource in your hands.