Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Root of the Problem

In Western civilization, it was always held that man is a creature with a great purpose, created in the image of God. But today, students are taught that man has no purpose. Because of evolution, they learn, they have developed by chance. And that means they are without any real purpose—a connection that many quickly make. We see the results all around us.

On today’s program, you’ll discover the dangers of teaching this to our children, who are at greater risk of violence, suicide, drug abuse, sex trafficking, and a host of other pathologies than ever before.  “The teaching of evolution,” says Dr. Kennedy, “has probably brought about more death than any other view in the history of the world.”

Evidence for Creation
The difference between today’s public school classroom and many of the world’s most renowned scientists is that they were willing to follow the evidence with an open mind.