Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Biblical View of Sex

Facebook once famously listed 57 different genders to choose from, but some felt that was still too confining, so now they simply let you fill-in-the blank with your own gender label.

All of this confusion is the result of walking away from truth. Instead of objective, revealed truth, our cultural elites now encourage each of us to construct our own truth—with nothing higher than our own inward desires to guide us.

On today's program we investigate the agenda of those who want to be able to give your child hormones and surgery without your permission. And some of these hold the reins of power in Washington.  

Gender Confusion Culture
A radical assault is taking place in our nation and schools. It’s transgenderism, the notion that we can decide our sex—whether male, female, or any of a mushrooming list of gender options.