Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

To Change the World

The Lord of Glory—Jesus Christ—astonishingly entered in to human history, taking on human flesh and changing everything. Yet many today simply do not realize who He is, why He came, or the impact He had on our entire world.

Dr. Frank Wright speaks with Senior Pastor Rob Pacienza of Coral Ridge Prebyterian Church about the legacy of Dr. D. James Kennedy and the implications of God the Son taking on human flesh in this world.

Then, an excerpt from a Christmas Day message from Dr. Kennedy, "To Change the World." The wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that he redeems and transforms not only hearts, but lives, families, homes, communities, cultures and nations, Jesus comes to change the world.

Then, the testimony of a thoroughly changed life comes from Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, President/CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries.