Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Abortion and the Sexual Revolution

by Dr. D. James Kennedy

Why did the Supreme Court rule in favor of abortion in 1973? There was a big push for abortion then (and now) because it was a natural outworking of the sexual revolution. Society jettisoned the Christian view of sex—that it is to be reserved between one man and one woman in the bounds of holy matrimony. But this is my Father’s world; we still reap what we sow.

Pregnancies happen. In some cases, people desire to cover up their sin, so they resort to abortion. When pro-abortion forces clamor for abortion for rape or incest, what they do not tell you is that this only accounts for less than two percent of all abortions.

Since the sexual revolution gave us abortion on demand, it is worth examining one of its biggest lies—the notion that “everybody’s doing it.” In spite of the fact that our schools are teaching that it is all right to do it, that is not true. There are those who are not.

There is an educational program written by Christians, which contains no reference to the Bible, but presents a Christian view of sex. It deals with our own self-image. It deals with our future and concern for the personhood of ourselves and others. It deals with responsibility. It deals with our purpose in life.

Although this is but a three-week course in the curriculum for teenagers, it tremendously revolutionized their thinking about the subject and caused a vast number of them to indicate that they had changed their minds about premarital sex. They had changed their minds about almost everything concerning sexuality, and they now wanted to retain their sexuality and maintain it for marriage. They had a new view of marriage and relationships between men and women.

So, it is not true that everyone is doing it. It is not true that children will be sexually active. They will be sexually active as long as our schools and Planned Parenthood and the media tell them that is what they ought to be.

But isn’t it interesting that there is hardly a tiny fraction of the amount of sexual promiscuity among young people in Japan as there is in America. Are our young people so depraved that in so-called Christian America it must be so? That is a lie.

It is the adults in America who are making our young people that way by the lying propaganda that is constantly fed to them in sex education courses, television programs, motion pictures, radio programs, videos, magazines and all the rest.

Groups like Planned Parenthood continue to promote sexual promiscuity, which inevitably leads to unwanted pregnancies. Then they turn around and cash in by providing abortions. On top of all this, tens of millions of our tax dollars support Planned Parenthood.

Well did Isaiah say, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).