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Standing for Truth in the marketplace of Ideas
Truths That Transform
Here you will find a fast-paced analysis of current moral and cultural controversies—all from a biblical perspective. Hosted by Dr. Frank Wright, each program includes short features and commentaries, designed to bring the searchlight of truth to bear on issues seldom covered elsewhere. Join us as we stand for truth and help you live out your faith.
Kennedy Classics

These are timeless, full-length messages from Dr. D. James Kennedy, in which he incisively applies biblical truth to the great questions of life and our times. Hosted by Dr. Frank Wright and including a guest feature with Dr. John Sorenson of Evangelism Explosion international, these thought provoking and insightful messages are even more relevant today than when first delivered.

Truth In Action Radio

Dr. D. James Kennedy has been a powerful voice in Christian media for over 40 years. Our weekly radio program provides a national platform for the insightful and relevant teaching of Dr. Kennedy, as he addresses the cultural and personal issues that challenge us today. These programs help us develop a Christian worldview grounded in timeless biblical truths.

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Insightful Commentaries Measuring Culture Against Scripture

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Thanks to our supporters, the teachings of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world with internet access.

The End Times

This set, entitled The End Times: A Historical Perspective, includes the book and 6-CD set of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s six messages about the end times, and a useful 9 x 27 inch accordion-fold Christian History Timelines chart.