Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Reformation

As we head towards a national election of great importance next week, we're looking at some of the key issues that Bible-believing Christians need to keep an eye on. As Christians, we believe the hope of the world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But our freedom to proclaim that Gospel, and the full counsel of God, is under growing assault in America.

On today's program you'll see some of the ways this key American value is being undermined. And we'll take you into the heart of that Gospel as we remember the Reformation that was sparked by Martin Luther 505 years ago this week—and you'll learn how it affects your own life.


The Hope of the World

Our nation is in trouble!

But this is no time for Christians to shrink back! God is calling His people to rise and stand for truth in these troubled times, living out our faith in the public square and offering hope to the hopeless.