Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Spirit of Liberty

This Memorial Day weekend, we stop to remember all of those who gave their lives for this nation. Countless heroes paid the ultimate price for our freedom. But are we letting it slip away?

There is an inextricable link between political freedom and eternal freedom. We have severed that link to our detriment, and as a result, we see a metastasizing national government increasingly usurping our liberties. Even in the military itself, our brave men and women in uniform find themselves under the thumb of left-wing ideologues.

On this program, we investigate, and Dr. Kennedy shows us the connection between everlasting freedom and political freedom.

Executive Overreach
The hallmark of our American republic is that we are a nation of laws duly enacted by representatives of the people—not by the pen of a president.