Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Great Transaction

We live in some of the most divided times in America of any of our lifetimes. Those divisions have been stoked by people with a Marxist worldview who want to tear down the nation, claiming it has been a bastion of oppression, and instead let the resentment-fueled ideology of identity politics take over.

On today’s program, you will discover the antidote for this disease in our body politic, and we you will hear from one of the most sought-after Christian speakers in America, who once fell prey to divisive Marxist ideologies before being transformed by the truth of the Gospel.

Behold the Man
It is the central event in all history, and it happened two-thousand years ago. Jesus, the Lamb of God, laid down His life to save us from our sins. He made an infinite sacrifice to pay an infinite debt.