Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Special: The Age of Gender Confusion

Over the past few years, a powerful movement has taken shape. This movement denies biological reality and argues that gender is solely a function of choice—of personal preference. And it seeks to punish all who disagree. This is an issue fraught with confusion—and with danger. Find out why on this special program.

We'll hear from a man who tried to live as a woman for years, aided and abetted by doctors and psychiatrists—only to discover that it was a disastrous error in judgment. We take a look at the efforts an aggressive movement intent on overturning the nature of objective reality itself—so that America can be broken down and rebuilt on a Marxist socialist foundation.

Trojan Horses
The radical Left is determined to exploit the current crisis to advance its agenda and put your constitutional, God-given freedoms at risk.