Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Bible and the Constitution

America is a Christian nation. Does that statement surprise you? Does it offend you? If so, it is because you don’t understand the historical foundations of our nation or the basis for your freedoms.

On this program, we'll show you how those who are in the process of eroding our hard-won freedoms have used secularism as the solvent to dissolve the Constitution as written—and they’ve used federal judges to apply it. And we'll give you the opportunity to do something about it!

And Dr. Kennedy gives fresh inspiration for Christians to become more knowledgeable about the godly heritage given to us and then more active in standing up to the forces of secularism.

What is Judicial Tyranny?
How federal judges have become gavel-wielding dictators who trample the Constitution time and again—and what you can do to bring change.