Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Importance of Marriage

America is coming to a point of decision in 2020. Will we stand for one nation under God, or will we let the radical elitists on the Left strike the final blow in remaking our society into a dystopian quagmire of insanity, where even concepts as basic as male and female are done away with?

On today’s program, you’ll see how the Left’s agenda is undermined by the truth of God’s Word. And you'll see the story of a British medical doctor who was fired by the government (which is in charge of all British health care) because he refused to refer to a man as “she”--a peek into the future of what could happen here.

The Communist Wave
Cultural elites have bought into Marxism as the road to utopia. As a result, socialist doctrine is weakening our cultural foundations of faith, family, and the free market. If allowed to continue, we won’t recognize our beloved free republic.