Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Church and State

In this key 2020 election year, we are focusing on some of the great moral, ethical, and cultural questions that confront us. Religious liberty stands at the very front of the line as the first, most fundamental freedom guaranteed in America’s Bill of Rights. But now the forces of secularism are working to marginalize Christians—because Biblical truth is an impediment to their radical Leftist agenda.

On today’s program, you will discover how egregiously the First Amendment is being ignored. And we’ll share some key resources--available only through this ministry--that will help you to stand fast in this pivotal year. And you'll see the story of an 84-year old-widow ---and veteran ---who faced the possibility of eviction from her California Veterans home--simply for sharing the gospel with some of her neighbors.

The Communist Wave
Cultural elites have bought into Marxism as the road to utopia. As a result, socialist doctrine is weakening our cultural foundations of faith, family, and the free market. If allowed to continue, we won’t recognize our beloved free republic.