Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Faithful Fathers

Our culture is awash in gender confusion, and it is far from harmless.

On this program, you’ll hear the story of a woman who courageously stands for the God-given sexes of male and female after carrying the burden of her father’s gender-confusion as a child. And you’ll discover the devastating impact of the diminution of fathers in our culture.

You will also meet  a man who was seduced by our culture’s persistent gender delusion—and now warns others about the danger.

Here We Stand

Your gift doubled

Democratic socialists and progressives are much the same as their Marxist comrades of the past focused on destroying the family and the church. We are not just in a cultural war—we are in a spiritual war, and we must put our faith into action if we are to retain our freedom for future generations.