Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

The Bible and the Constitution

The Christian faith is our greatest bulwark we have against the onslaught of the secular, socialistic designs of the statists on the far Left. And that’s why they are working overtime to extinguish religious liberty in this nation.

On today’s program, you’ll meet some people on the front lines of this fight, including a football coach who lost his job for praying, and some people who have just taken a crucial case to the Supreme Court.

We’ll also give you an opportunity to make your voice heard so that judges who truly respect the First Amendment right to religious freedom are confirmed to the federal bench. 

Confirm Federal Judges
There are currently nearly 140 vacancies in the federal judiciary. Even now, there are 60 judges waiting confirmation in the Senate—being unjustly stalled by liberal Democrats. The stalling must stop!