Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Atheism: The Religion of Fools

Scripture: Psalms 24:1

Americans, especially younger ones, increasingly endorse socialism. The consequences of this move towards the theories of Karl Marx are legion, stifling religious, economic, and social freedom. Nowhere do we see this demonstrated more clearly than in the so-called green movement.

On this week's program, we’ll expose the Marxist agenda behind the so called “climate justice” movement. We’ll show you why atheism, the underlying principle of Marxism, is the religion of fools. And we’ll share with you some tools for combating it. 

The Coming Socialist Wave
We need Biblical answers to face this ungodly political ideology. To provide those answers, we’ve written the brand new book The Coming Socialist Wave. This is a book that needs to be shared with Americans of all ages—especially young people.