Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Who’s Running America?

The United States Supreme Court has played a pivotal role in the culture wars in recent decades. From abortion to same-sex marriage, an activist court has been re-writing the Constitution to suit the policy preferences of the majority of its justices. But the opportunity to put a stop to it is finally upon us.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote on the Court, is retiring, and President Trump has nominated a new judge to take his place. On this program, we’ll look at the nominee, and you’ll get an inside look at the problem with our out-of-control judiciary.

And you’ll have an opportunity to make your voice heard to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, the new nominee. 

Confirm Judge Kavanaugh
The Senate Judiciary Committee is key in the confirmation process, and they need to hear from you.