Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Will the Church Forget?

Tolerance once meant putting up with opposing viewpoints. But in recent years, the definition has now changed. To be “tolerant” is to agree, and all opposing viewpoints are deemed “hate speech.” As a result, Christians and conservatives are now being muzzled in the world’s largest marketplace of ideas because of their Biblical viewpoint.

In this program, we lift the lid on the hidden censorship of Christians and conservatives . And you’ll meet a woman who has been directly censored by YouTube because of her pro-life position. And we’ll share a new resource with you exposing this growing threat to freedom—and giving you steps to counter it.

The New Gatekeepers / Thieves of Liberty
From issues like abortion to same-sex marriage, these censors are determining what you can and cannot see all in the name of “tolerance.” But as you’ll see in the brand new book by D. James Kennedy Ministries, you don’t have to be manipulated.