Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Cross Purposes - Easter Special

During this special time of year when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead, we’re going to take a closer look inside this most important event in all of history. What does it mean that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? What happened on that cross? And why does it matter to you?

Sadly, most people do not understand this. And even many Christians miss the joy, peace, and security God intends for us because we don’t understand the fullness of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. On this special program, you will discover in a deeper way what Christ has done for you. 

Skeptics Answered and Cross Purposes

When you encounter people with difficult questions, doubts, and outright
unbelief regarding the Christian faith—are you ready? Skeptics Answered tackles
the most common arguments and questions skeptics pose and gives clear and
intelligent answers.