Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

What About These Other Gods?

On a daily basis in the world today, we see the tragic results of the jihad of radical Islam. And yet, strangely, some on the American left, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, see those who expose this threat as being more dangerous than the terrorists themselves.

On this program, you’ll see how duplicitous the SPLC has been in this regard. And we’ll share a new resource with you that will help you counter the false charge that Christians are “haters.”

Confronting Lies & Hate / Profit$ of Hate

As Christians today, we are often accused of being “haters” because we hold to Biblical views of marriage and sexuality. The Left has weaponized the word “hate,” using it to shut down debate and opposition. Christians sometimes have compromised their beliefs in order to deflect such criticism. But as author Robert Knight points out, that never works. It just invites more attacks.
So how do we respond?