The Spirit of Liberty

It seems that our freedoms are more under duress than in any period of our lifetime. America’s founders believed that religion—particularly Christianity—was a necessary ingredient in the flourishing of our nation. But in recent years, a concerted movement has been afoot to silence Christianity and lock its influence behind the four walls of the church.

On today’s program, Dr. Frank Wright discusses the significant challenges to religious liberty with Steven Harris who is the Director of Advocacy for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which is an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dr. Kennedy reminds us that only where Christ is present can there be true freedom and, then, we share with you the story of a grandmother who faces bankruptcy and the end of her business because of her Christian beliefs.

In conclusion, how is a Christian to measure the rise of "fake news" against the straight stick of truth? Just as we have only one North Star, there is only one true truth - the Word of the Living God.