Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

None Dare Call It Islam

None Dare Call it Islam, by John Rabe, book. Christians are fleeing for their lives in Iraq and Syria, and churches are being burned at an alarming rate in Nigeria. Those who speak out against these acts are killed, and the terrorists regularly kidnap innocent aid workers and journalists and hold them for outrageous ransoms, which if not paid result in their deaths.
Our enemy is on the move and adding to their numbers daily. Yet the Obama administration is refusing to admit the reality of just who our enemy is—unwilling to admit they are Islamist terrorists—and the media is towing the same line.

While quick to criticize Christians and Christianity, this administration (and the mainstream media) go to great lengths to deny the obvious connection between Islam and radical Islamic terrorists. In doing so, they put our national security at risk as the totalitarian threat of radical Islam expands.

This book documents the lengthy contortions the media and the Obama administration go to in their efforts to separate terrorists from “true Islam” and examines some of the possible reasons behind this twisted effort.