Reclaiming America for Christ

In recent years there has been a sea change in our nation. In 2015, the Supreme Court declared same-sex so-called marriage to be a constitutional right, rewriting the Constitution after hundreds of years and overturning millennia of human history. As a result, one woman found herself on the frontline of the emerging battle between the new politically correct orthodoxy and the traditional values held by millions of Americans. Kim Davis, a court clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses based on her Christian convictions—and went to jail for that resolve. Kim Davis tells Frank Wright about the hardship and the blessings of standing for Jesus Christ in a hostile culture. Then, Dr. Kennedy details what the Scriptures have to say about reclaiming the culture for Christ, and then we hear from David and Jason Benham who were fired from their reality program, Flip It Forward, on HGTV after activists criticized their stand for traditional marriage.