Church and State

From a Christian perspective, we know that people in government are just as sinful as anyone else. Government is necessary. Yet if given unchecked powers, government becomes the most dangerous entity of all. But when we adopt the notion that the government should control every area of life from health care to gas mileage to light bulbs to the size of our toilet tanks—we have already placed our destiny into the hands of human sinners. We’re left hoping that they don’t give in to the temptation to abuse the overwhelming power we’ve handed them. But that’s not a system of democratic government. That’s a fool’s bargain—and one that millions have paid for with their lives. As Christians, let us not participate in the idolatry of government. Let us not steal from our neighbors through government wealth transfers. And let us not confuse Jesus’ instructions for us to care for the poor and visit the orphans, by letting mandatory government programs replace the work of God’s people.