Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

Truths That Transform

Commentary by Dr. Frank Wright

Abortion and Socialism

August 16, 2020
Recently, someone posed the question, "What if we paid a living wage. Free health care and free child care? We would wipe out minority abortions by 99%." While this is a common viewpoint, Dr. Frank Wright shows why it's demonstrably wrong in his "Truths That Transform" commentary.
Turn It to Gold
Are you or a loved one facing personal trials and troubles? Are you tempted to cry out, “Why God? Why me? Why now?” Most of us have been there or will be there at some time in our life.


The infamous SPLC has recklessly classified disciples of the Gospel as purveyors of hate. They denounce pro-family groups that stand for traditional marriage—God’s rules for marriage—as “haters.” Join D. James Kennedy Ministries as we fight for religious freedom, stamp out discrimination against Christians and conservatives, and continue our bold defense of the Truth!

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