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The Rise of Tyranny

President Trump’s nomination to fill the late Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court is probably the most important political event of this year—and it may end up being the defining event of our generation.

This nominee could help anchor the Court for the next 30 years—and that is no small thing considering how much power the Supreme Court wields over every facet of life right now. Our legal system, led by the Supreme Court, has aided and abetted a kind of judicial larceny—stealing our most basic liberties.

The judiciary has turned aside from the Constitution to implement fashionable progressive policies. We have seen people lose their livelihoods—and even be prosecuted—for standing on their Christian convictions regarding the institution of marriage.

On this program, we interview attorney Brad Dacus on the nomination and what it could mean for America. Dr. Kennedy shares a message on how the humanistic worldview leads to tyranny, and we investigate how reliance on foreign law has taken the Supreme Court away from the Constitution.

In The Footsteps of Giants

Dr. Jerry Newcombe takes a look at some of the core principles our founding fathers followed in establishing a nation that was uniquely fashioned “only for a moral and religious people,” and he shows how these principles will give us the answers we need for modern America, if we will but follow them now.
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