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Freedom in the Crosshairs

For years, beginning with Dr. D. James Kennedy, we have been warning you about the coming onslaught on our First Amendment freedoms—particularly against the free speech of Christians. And we are feeling the full force of this assault in our day.

On this special program, you will experience the stories of children, members of the military, churches, and regular citizens whose Christian expression is being silenced—sometimes by force. 

Does the Bible Teach Socialism?

Socialism is in direct contrast to our constitution so why is a new generation so captivated by it? Confusing to many, even Christians, we are shedding some light on the topic of Socialism. Request your Resources today.
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Jun 4

The War Against Christianity

Your religious liberty is at risk because of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which have hammered away in the courts at the First Amendment to impose the notion of separation...
Jun 11

Discerning Good and Evil: Tolerance

What is at stake when the word “tolerance” is used to promote intolerance in our culture? With the ACLU at the forefront of the push to force liberal laws on sexual orientation and gender, anyone...
Jun 18

Discerning Good and Evil: Discrimination

At one time the Southern Poverty Law Center countered discrimination, but now it targets Christian conservatives who hold to the biblical definition of marriage and sexuality and calls them “haters.”
Jun 25

Reclaiming America for Christ

This week’s program considers the question: “What can Christians do to counter the prevailing abandonment of God in our culture?” Also the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map,” which lists...
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