Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom
Standing for Truth and Defending Your Freedom

March Impact 2016

by Frank Wright, Ph.D

You know what a privilege it is to be able to hold the Word of God in your hands.

Today, many in America take the Bible for granted. But until the time of the Protestant Reformation, the notion of an individual Christian owning his or her own Bible was unthinkable.

For centuries, the only copy of a written Bible available was often a massive, hand-copied tome chained to a town’s parish pulpit. Most Christians had access to God’s Word only during church services—if then.

One of the vital principles of the Protestant Reformation was that of sola scriptura—the notion that God’s Word is the highest authority, trumping the authority of clerics, kings, and councils. With the invention of the printing press, the Bible, translated into the common language of the people, became fully accessible to the masses. The Reformers encouraged Bible publication and widespread education so that it could be read.

The resulting changes in the world were seismic. God’s Word speaks not only to personal, spiritual salvation through Christ, but to every area of human endeavor, including government, economics, education, the family, and the arts. The face of the modern world changed tremendously as the result of widespread Bible reading. Not everyone was happy about this development. But the Word of God stands above all who would try to attack it. As Dr. D. James Kennedy said,

“[N]umerous kings with the scepter of state in one hand, have taken up the hammer of unbelief with the other, and have attempted, with all of the power of government itself, to smash the anvil of God. . . . Hammer away, ye hostile hands, your hammers break; God’s anvil stands.”

The truth of God transforms individual lives, and it transforms cultures. Some of the results of serious Bible study and application of the truths found within it have included:

  • the rise of modern hospitals and care for the poor
  • free market economics
  • regard for the sanctity of human life
  • the idea that the scientific enterprise should “think God’s thoughts after Him”
  • the concept of a constitutional government with divided powers
  • elevation of the status of women
  • the inspiration for the founding of America
  • and a host of other blessed benefits.

In this month’s Impact Newsletter and Devotional, we extoll the Bible—the written Word of God to human beings—and its transformational power. As always, we include a full month of fresh devotional observations on the Scriptures from Dr. Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe. Moreover, this month, for the very first time, we are delighted to offer the brand new, comprehensive D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible. In many ways, this unique study Bible can be considered the magnum opus of Dr. Kennedy’s nearly 50-years of ministry.

Because the Reformation led to widespread Bible publishing, many of us now have a number of copies of the Bible on our shelves, often in a variety of translations. Why offer yet another? Because Dr. Kennedy’s preaching and teaching were unparalleled in our generation. Not only was he a passionate and effective evangelist, he was also a devoted student of the Scriptures who sought to help God’s people apply God’s word to every sphere of life. In a time when many were eschewing the culture and politics as of no consequence to Christians, Dr. Kennedy stood against the tide, asserting Christ’s lordship over all things.

The new D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible includes Dr. Kennedy’s powerful insights on an enormous range of topics, from the nation to the essential doctrines of the faith. His articles and comments are interspersed throughout the text of the Modern English Version (MEV) of the Bible. This new translation, drawn from the textual tradition of the King James Bible—which Dr. Kennedy highly esteemed—will reach a new generation of readers.

Now that the new D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible is ready to ship, we want to send you one of the first copies as our thanks for your generous donation of $100 or more to the ongoing work of this ministry.

Thank you for standing with us. As you donate, you will be helping us broadcast through television, radio, print, and the internet the truths that Dr. Kennedy spent his life defending. Has there ever been a time when our nation is more deeply in need of them?

God bless you, and God bless America,
Frank Wright, Ph.D.
President and CEO
D. James Kennedy Ministries

P.S. The new D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible is utterly unparalleled, and there simply is not another study Bible like it. You may want to make this your primary personal Bible, or use it as a valued reference, or give it as a gift to someone with whom you want to share the wealth of Dr. Kennedy’s teaching and biblical insight. We want you to be among the first to receive this invaluable Bible as our thanks for your generous donation of $100 or more.