Pray for the Family

Marriage is being redefined; children are increasingly raised in fatherless homes; moms and dads are busy with careers, with little time to parent. Families, as God designed them, are rare.

The family is a fundamental institution, constituted by marriage between one man and one woman, as a covenant before God. God ordained that children would be brought into the world through this blessed union. Parents would have the privilege and responsibility to bring children up in the knowledge of the Lord, so they might receive Christ as their personal Savior.

In a healthy, safe, and godly environment children flourish, and are more likely to become contributing members of society. As this cycle is repeated,

communities become stronger, and God’s good work is accomplished through His children.

5 thoughts on “Pray for the Family

  1. Allan Carswell

    Thank you for these prayers that are so stimulating for us, and a reminder of how we need to be aware of our responsibilities as Christians for our Land.
    Would appreciate these audible prayers in written form to keep before us each day.

  2. Maria Leon

    Our World is a total mess regarding GODLY WAYS OF LIVING. Please Father GOD forgive us all for not obeying your message in your Holy Scriptures. Thank you, FATHER GOD for your TRUTH and help me to find a good Christian Man to marry me until death do us part.

  3. Audrey Dixon

    Heavenly FATHER I stand in agreement with my sister in Christ. I pray that the lawmakers of this country will standfast on your word which our forefathers instituded doing the forming of this United States of America, they insisted that your word would be the last and finally say in this country. I pray for godly men and women to rise up in each level of government and stand on your principles of what a marriage consist of according to:
    Ephesians 5:31
    “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” In JESUS name I pray amen. Thank you LORD.

  4. Catherine Zehe Quick

    Thank you so much for these beautiful prayers. The videos, music and voice are so beautiful and the content is so inclusive. Thank you… thank you…


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