Truth That Transforms
with Michael Milton, Ph.D.

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The Priority of Prayer (Part 2)


Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe

Air Date:

October 26, 2014
NRB - 10:00pm EST

What is the greatest power on earth? It’s the power of prayer. Through prayer, we have access to the Lord God Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. “The priority of prayer is not about a religious ritual,” says Dr. Michael Milton, “but about the power of God on His Anointed One.” Dr. Milton shows how making prayer a priority and transforms the one who prays in this second portion of his two-part message on “The Priority of Prayer.”

What is going on in formerly Christian America? Todd Starnes. who details story after story in his book, God LESS America, shares his concern for this nation with Dr. Jerry Newcombe. “The atheist and the secularist, they really truly want God to be removed from the public marketplace of ideas,” he warns, “if, in fact, we lose religious liberty in this country I truly believe every other right we have will be lost.” What can be done? “Obviously, pray,” encourages Todd Starnes, “The question is, what will the church do? Will the church rise up and stand or will we sit by and be complacent? I think the answer to that question determines the future of our country.”

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