God and Military

Defend Military Religious Liberty

Chaplains are charged to serve “God and country” and have moral authority that transcends Pentagon dictates, but they cannot speak freely.

Why are military chaplains being forced to hide the truth?

That’s why we must go to Congress. A legislative solution, the “Military Religious Freedom Protection Act,” has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to protect conscience rights for chaplains and all people of faith.

Please stand with us to protect religious freedom by adding your signature to urge your Representative to support this measure.

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To All Members of the United States House of Representatives

H.R. 3828

Religious liberty is under assault inside our own military. Pentagon rules openly violate the conscience rights of Christians who face career-ending penalties if they disapprove of homosexuality. Even chaplains, those charged with serving “God and country,” are not free to bring the wisdom of Scripture to bear on this issue. The “Military Religious Freedom Protection Act” (HR 3828) will ensure that the First Amendment rights of our service men and women are honored and observed. Please co-sponsor and vote for this measure. I am eager for your written response to this request.

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God and Military

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