God’s Anvil

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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe


  • Dr. Harold Rawlings -- Author, Trial By Fire
  • Kay Arthur -- Precept Ministries

Air Date:

May 3, 2015
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

For thousands of years now, the Bible—the Word of God—has withstood attacks from all sides. In this message, Dr. D. James Kennedy explains that that The Bible is “the anvil upon which have been broken a million hammers.” It remains undiminished, rock-sold truth despite these attacks. God’s Word has unique power and authority, and it can change individual lives and ultimately cultures. Dr.D. James Kennedy, takes us back to the rock-solid, unchanging truth of God in this powerful message, preached almost 30 years ago and more needed today than ever, called “God’s Anvil.”

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