Truth That Transforms
with Michael Milton, Ph.D.

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Divine Appointment


Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe

Air Date:

March 10, 2015
NRB - 10:00pm ET

Each generation brings its own unique set of challenges and problems. With all the changes, will the Church ever be obsolete? Dr. Michael Milton says the Bible has answers as he continues his powerful series, “Silent No More.” Today’s message is “A Divine Appointment.”

This Week's Featured Resource
How I Know Series &
Fast Facts Reference Card

How I Know Series &<br>Fast Facts Reference Card

Dr. Kennedy knew that if Christianity is not objectively true, our faith is useless. We have put together a series of his teachings on crucial issues of the Christian faith called “How I Know.” This series, available on four DVD’s or four CD’s, includes the messages “How I Know There is a God,” “How I Know Jesus is God,” “How I Know Christ Rose from the Dead and “How I Know the Bible is the God’s Word.” This set of messages will strengthen your faith, and answer key questions for you or anyone you know who might be asking honest questions about Christianity. We are making this four DVD or CD set, “How I Know,” available for a generous donation of any amount to the ongoing work of this ministry. Also included is the handy Fast Facts reference card on “How I Know the Bible is God’s Word.” You’ll be able to put it in your Bible or on your nightstand for easy reference on basic facts about the reliability of Scripture. Learn More >