The Constitution, Shariah Law, and “Cognitive Warfare”

September 17th is Constitution Day. On this date in 1787, 39 of our Founding Fathers signed the unparalleled document that begins: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union … and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, but there are some who would rather see Islamic shariah law replace our Constitution as the final legal authority in our nation.

Robert Spencer, author of Stealth Jihad, writes that there are many Mohammedans (Muslims) in America today who are actively working to see that our Constitution is “replaced or amended so as to comply in all particulars with Islamic shariah law.” Spencer is among the guests on this week’s Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy television program, “Islam: Mosque and State.”

“These would not simply be small or cosmetic changes that would leave America’s foundations intact,” says Spencer. “Those who are advancing this agenda are striving for nothing less than an Islamic conquest of North America.”

Frank Gaffney, one of the authors of Sharia: Threat to America, explains in a recent column that Islamists who are pursuing such goals are now using “non-violent — or, more accurately, pre-violent — techniques.” Boston University history professor Richard Landes calls this “cognitive warfare” and it’s at the heart of what’s already happening in many schools.

According to the American Textbook Council’s 2008 report, “Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us,” the 7th grade world history textbooks they reviewed routinely sanitize the history of Islamic conquest. They “avoid all conflict and bloodshed in describing Islam's push out of Arabia and rapid conquest of most of the Mediterranean world.”

As the Council’s report shows, these textbooks, “fail to explain how Islam spread in the seventh and eighth centuries. Islam appears out of nowhere, spreads smoothly and by implication without conflict. Once it was common to say that Islam was spread by the sword. Now, textbooks implied, it moved peacefully, with traders. Islam is brought to apparently willing populations.”

Referring to this report, Spencer writes, “American school children are learning a partial and rosy view of Islam in American public schools—using books that have been vetted by organizations linked to the stealth jihad.” These groups include U.S.–based Islamic organizations that are well-funded by Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars. Their goal is to present a view of Islam that “whitewashes its violent history and intolerant religious imperatives.”

As Andrew McCarthy, another of this week’s guests on Truth that Transforms, says, “Coexistence is not a major imperative of Islam. In Islamist ideology the major imperative is conquest.”

In the Truth in Action Ministries 9/11 commemorative program aired on Truth that Transforms, Robert Spencer noted that while Muslims claim their religion is a religion of peace, the “peace that Islam envisions is the peace that will come when the whole world is ruled by Islamic law.”

Until that time, the “cognitive warfare” aimed at our nation’s will is sure to continue. Although 9/11 was intended to paralyze us with fear, initially it galvanized our resistance. Ten years later, that resistance has dissipated in the midst of political correctness and compromise.

Historian Richard Landes warns that "the West is particularly vulnerable to a campaign based on appealing to our commitment to human rights, justice, and peace and against prejudice, racism, and intolerance. If jihadis can convince us—their target population—that by our standards we are in the wrong, that to think ill of them is a form or racism, or Islamophobia, then they can drain us of the will to resist and the awareness that we need to resist something."

So September 17 not only commemorates the signing of the Constitution by 39 brave men, many of whom had earlier risked their lives and fortunes by signing the Declaration of Independence. It also recognizes that our Constitution still stands as the greatest model the world has yet seen for establishing a nation governed by law—law that protects our freedom of religion and the “blessings of liberty” that give us the right to choose who will govern us.

May we choose wisely.

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