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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe


  • Stephen McDowell - President, Providence Foundation
  • Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. - Co-Author, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin - American Alliance of Jews and Christians
  • Charles Hull Wolfe, Ph.D. - Plymouth Rock Foundation

Air Date:

July 5, 2015
NRB - 10:00pm EST

The Pilgrims who settled here and the Founders who established our national government paved the way for freedom and prosperity through their Christian influence. The hand of God has been powerful throughout American history from the very beginning. Today, many pastors shy away from political and cultural issues because they’re afraid of controversy, as if the Word of God weren’t controversial. But as you’re about to see, it was ministers who played a key role in the original push for America’s independence.

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Doubting Thomas: The Religious Life
and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson

Doubting Thomas: The Religious Life<br>and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson

Authors Dr. Jerry Newcombe and Dr. Mark Beliles dispel the myths surrounding Thomas Jefferson and clear away misunderstandings about his views on religion and the relationship between church and state. Also included is a handy Fast Facts reference card that summarizes key facts about this important concept. Learn More >