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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe


  • David Barton - Minister, activist, author

Air Date:

November 16, 2014
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

One man who understands well where our nation is, and its true roots, is David Barton. Knowing where we came from is essential to knowing where we’re headed. Our own Dr. Jerry Newcombe sat down with David Barton to discuss what our Founders intended for our nation—and where we've departed from it.

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U-Turn: Restoring America
to the Strength of its Roots

U-Turn: Restoring America<br />to the Strength of its Roots

Historian David Barton and social-science researcher George Barna uncover America’s moral and spiritual foundations and investigate why we are now in critical decline. They not only cut to the heart of America’s current illness—they prescribe the cure for making her healthy again. Learn More >