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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe


  • Dr. Paul L. Maier - Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University
  • Dr. N.T. Wright- Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of St. Andrews
  • Dr. Gary Cohen Trinity International University
  • Murray Tilles -Light of Messiah Ministries

Air Date:

December 14, 2014
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

It is amazing that hundreds of years before Jesus ever came, His life, death, and resurrection were foretold by God. For example, Isaiah – who wrote his book around 750 BC – has some amazing things to say about the coming Savior. Jesus fulfilled these things—showing to all who will listen that only God could have written the Bible, because only God knows the future. Let’s take a closer look.

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