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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe


  • John Rabe, D. James Kennedy Ministries
  • Dr. Jerry Newcombe, Ph.D. D. of Min.

Air Date:

July 24, 2015
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

What affects any Christian affects all Christians, since we are part of the one body of Christ. To take a closer look at some of the hot-spots where Christians are suffering right now.

This Week's Featured Resource:
Persecuted: The Global Assault On Christianity

Persecuted: The Global Assault On Christianity

This compelling book gives detailed accounts of individuals whose lives are in danger every day because of their belief in Christ. The authors aim to enlighten Christians, for whom religious liberty is a treasured right, by showing the experiences of believers in places where religious freedom is a denied privilege. Learn More >